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Case study
Optimizing energy efficiency in Angola:

Reducing diesel dependency via strategic battery replacement

Ice Cream On Countertop



A Luanda-based ice cream facility faced rising operational costs due to inefficient energy usage, largely attributed to underperforming batteries and increased diesel generator reliance.



Objective aimed to enhance energy efficiency by installing its battery monitoring system, targeting battery performance improvement and reducing diesel dependency.




Easy-to-install battery monitors were installed to track individual voltages and temperatures over 48 hours, while also monitoring diesel generator usage.





Analysis through’s automated algorithms revealed an average battery voltage of 1.92vpc, with some batteries dropping to 1.66vpc, 14% below average. Two monitors quickly identified these underperforming batteries on the reporting software, prompting immediate action. An automated alert was sent to the facility manager with details of the findings. 



Action Taken


A technician was dispatched and utilized the eApp to pinpoint and replace the 2 faulty batteries promptly.



Within a week post-intervention, diesel generator usage decreased by 10%, showcasing improved battery performance and reduced energy consumption.


Conclusion's intervention averted escalating energy costs, optimizing battery efficiency, and minimizing diesel reliance, underscoring the effectiveness of our monitoring solutions.

Explore the insights


Low voltages were captured when analyzed.


Voltages improved with our intervention.

Increase the reliability of your energy systems and start reducing costs
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