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Case studies

Our solutions produce real-world benefits. Learn how below.

Powering efficiency:

Resolving overcharging challenges for sustained savings in Lagos bank

Faced with the imperative of uninterrupted power, a leading Lagos bank grappled with uncertainty over battery lifespan, directly impacting financial forecasts. Implementing recommended changes yielded profound results: battery life extended to 4 years from 2.5, alongside reduced energy consumption. Daily savings of $7.12 and a rapid 48-day return on investment underscored the efficacy of the system.

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Optimizing energy efficiency in Angola:

Reducing diesel dependency via strategic battery replacement

Facing soaring operational costs, a Luanda ice cream facility tackled inefficient energy usage by swiftly replacing two faulty batteries using the eApp. Within a week, diesel generator usage dropped by 10%, signalling enhanced battery performance and reduced energy consumption.'s intervention effectively curbed rising energy costs, optimizing battery efficiency, and reducing reliance on diesel generators, showcasing the power of our monitoring solutions.

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Increasing battery longevity:

Enhancing power reliability at a Lagos bank

Faced with the necessity of uninterrupted power, a key Lagos bank grappled with uncertainty over battery lifespan, impacting financial projections. Post-intervention, battery metrics stabilized, granting an additional estimated year of battery life.'s proactive monitoring addressed the bank's need for extended battery lifespan, ensuring continuous power. Stakeholders gained clarity on energy system maintenance and replacement costs for the next 12 months.

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Averting potential system-wide failure:

Detecting manufacturer defects in new batteries at a Nigerian bank

After enduring premature battery failures, a Nigerian bank sought assurance in the reliability of their new off-grid system. With a recent investment in a 6-month-old battery bank, their focus was on maximizing lifespan and ensuring uninterrupted power during non-operational hours.

Swift alerts facilitated immediate action: a faulty battery was quickly replaced under warranty, averting a potential system-wide failure. This intervention not only stabilized operations but also saved an estimated $10,000 in premature system replacements.

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Increase the reliability of your energy systems and start reducing costs
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