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Case study
Increasing battery longevity:

Enhancing power reliability at a Lagos bank

Woman working in Lagos Bank


A key Lagos bank required uninterrupted power for a critical site and sought clarity on battery longevity. Uncertainty of the battery bank lifespan affected financial projections for the next financial year.


Implement's battery monitoring system to identify inefficiencies and extend battery lifespan.

Methodology's split-tap battery monitors were installed on every 3 x 2V battery to lower the amount of hardware needed on-site, accompanied with a DC energy monitor for comprehensive performance tracking of the battery bank’s efficiency. Monitoring was to happen over time to pick up any anomalies and keep the bank confident everything was working ok.


Findings’s system detected a significantly low-voltage, overdischarged battery at 1.65vpc compared to a system average of 2.01vpc, risking adjacent units with rising voltages and temperatures. The system identified this battery as failed and in need of replacement.


A technician went to site, already equipped with a new battery, and promptly replaced the faulty battery, preventing further degradation and potential system failure.


Following the intervention, battery metrics stabilized, and the bank gained an estimated additional year of battery life helping them reduce costs.


Conclusion's proactive monitoring met the users need for increasing the lifespan of the battery bank and ensured continuous power was achieved. Stakeholders at the bank were also given greater clarity over their energy system maintenance and replacement costs for the next 12 months.

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A single battery at 1.65vpc identified during discharge analysis.


System stabilized and improved significantly within 48 hours.

Increase the reliability of your energy systems and start reducing costs
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