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Optimize energy use from the palm of your hand

Track real-time activity and performance insight, get alerts and predict potential system issues early.


Optimize your energy system and secure reliable power for your home or business

Live information

Monitor your system’s performance, consumption and storage to maintain reliable power while lowering costs.

Early warnings

Get proactive alerts to spot potential issues and retain power while extending the life of your system.

Free smartphone app

eApp from is a free smartphone app that provides essential data that’s easy to understand.

The data and insights you need

An unreliable grid causes disruption, and a lack of information about your energy system can increase your maintenance and fuel bills. Using our plug-and-play technology, you can monitor your system’s performance, consumption and remaining energy to maintain reliable power while lowering costs.

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Reduce costs

Live information provides visibility and insights into your energy efficiency, helping you reduce costs by storing and using energy better.

Improve reliability

Knowing your system means you can plan for unexpected outages, helping you to ensure you have continuous power at important times.

Increase system life

On average, batteries in energy systems fail 1.5 years sooner than intended. With preventative alerts, you can take action before costly problems arise.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3

With, you can be up-and-running in minutes, without any complex tools or equipment.

Here’s how it works


Install smart plug-and-play monitors


Connect the eApp smartphone app


Start tracking and optimising your energy use
“With an unreliable grid, using helps to manage power cuts, while keeping homes and families safe. Plus, it can save money by reducing generator or grid use.”

The affordable way to gain energy intelligence and enjoy reliable power at the lowest cost



Optimize and monitor your energy system from the palm of your hand



Monitor your single or multi-site energy system to make savings and improve productivity

Increase the reliability of your energy systems and start reducing costs
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