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UPS Battery Monitoring

One app to rule them all

The UPS battery monitoring and maintenance system


UPS maintenance and testing made easy

The eApp battery monitoring solution from is the easy, affordable way to test and monitor battery systems in Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), all from your mobile device.


Manage one or multiple systems from a single app, checking live voltage and temperature readings via Bluetooth (or remotely with the online system).

Features 2-stage automatic active balancing

Detects and limits voltage rise in high voltage blocks

Completely automatic and requires no user configuration


On-demand battery data

Reduce costs by storing and using energy better

Improve reliability, helping secure continuous power

Live information provides efficiency insights

Early warnings help extend the life of your system

Easy set-up and a free smartphone app


Save time and effort while reducing risk



Quick to install,
easy to use

and scalable

For new and
existing systems

Faster UPS battery testing. More visibility.
Better information.

Increase UPS battery life and performance with eApp, the advanced battery monitoring solution from

UPS battery failure can be a major cause of an unplanned outage in a critical system. The batteries in backup power systems often fail prematurely and unexpectedly.

Regular maintenance and monitoring are needed, but this takes time. With eApp from, there's a better way. From small computer rooms to large data centres,'s battery maintenance and monitoring system puts you in control, protecting your UPS.

The eApp system from monitors the individual batteries used in backup power systems. Complete regular checks quickly using a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app. Ensuring optimum performance, spotting potential issues and avoiding expensive battery system failures.

Reduce risk, save time and improve battery performance with the eApp battery monitoring system from

“By using stored energy better, and reducing the time generators are running, Proteus can help businesses reduce power costs by upto 10%”
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Increase the reliability of your energy systems and start reducing costs
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