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Business energy efficiency

Reduce costs through intelligent energy system monitoring

Prevent power outages and extend the life of your batteries and energy system with the low-cost smart solution from


Why choose to help you save money and avoid disruption:

Secure energy efficiency and extend battery and energy system life

Monitor locally or compare data across multiple locations

Automated alerts prompt action before problems occur

Pre-empt repair and replacement costs for budgeting

Simplify compliance - evidence testing with autosaved data

Plug-and-play technology that’s secure and easy to install

Technology agnostic – works on any type of energy asset


Single-site businesses

Locally monitor your energy usage to maintain uptime and make savings

Keep your lights on, maintain productivity and save money

An unreliable grid causes disruption, and a lack of information about your energy system can increase your maintenance and fuel bills. Using our plug-and-play technology, you can monitor your system’s performance, consumption and remaining energy to maintain reliable power while lowering costs.

The cost-effective solution to reliable power combines the latest sensor technology with easy-to-read mobile analytics. Get set up in minutes to start maximizing your business energy system’s efficiency.

Multi-site businesses

Take control of your whole business backup and emergency power

Get maximum uptime and make nationwide savings

Poor energy system information can lead to unexpected problems, power outages, and higher maintenance fees. Across multiple sites, these costs add up. Using our plug-and-play technology, you can test test batteries, generators, inverters and grid power locally, monitor performance remotely, and get alerts to predict maintenance. This helps to prevent outages, drive energy efficiencies and reduce your system’s operational and environmental costs.

Designed to ensure power in times of need

The system is ideal for business and public infrastructure installations, such as telecoms networks and emergency lighting, data centres, banks and hospitals - anywhere with a backup and emergency power system where battery banks are tested regularly.


Monitor and diagnose your UPS system straight from the palm of your hand

UPS systems can fail early without the backup time you were promised

A lack of information about UPS battery performance leaves your business open to disruption as problems go by undetected. With you can reduce costs by increasing the life of your UPS, ensuring continuous power in times of needs. With early warning alerts you can act before potential issues become system failures, keeping your business running 24/7.

Instant local monitoring and insights

Smart sensors collect information to give you complete visibility on UPS performance. Using our eApp on your smartphone, you can diagnose a single batteries or whole system, checking levels, predicting maintainance and highlighting the need for repairs.

Help increase the life of your system

On average, batteries in energy systems fail 1.5 years sooner than intended. With preventative alerts, you can take action before costly problems arise.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3

With, you can be up-and-running in minutes, without any complex tools or equipment.

Here’s how it works


Install smart plug-and-play monitors


Connect the eApp smartphone app


Start tracking and optimising your energy use
“By using stored energy better, and reducing the time generators are running, Proteus can help businesses reduce power costs by upto 40%”
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Increase the reliability of your energy systems and start reducing costs
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