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About us

Increase access to reliable power at the lowest cost

Our goal is to lead energy intelligence worldwide, helping to bridge the energy divide and support the shift to renewable power

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The hard facts





The percentage of the global population that has no electricity access

Access to reliable power is a problem for 1.75 billion people globally

Every day, 1 billion people suffer power outages greater than 3 hours

When poorly maintained, energy system batteries fail 1.5 years too soon

Continuous, reliable power is something many people take for granted. In many developed countries, we wouldn’t think twice about the energy required to leave a refrigerator running 24/7 or to switch lights on at the office. This isn’t the case for everyone.

Hear from our CEO

We’ve built our business on three principles



We provide access to the energy intelligence people need to make informed decisions.



We produce exceptional technology that’s easy to use and straightforward to understand.



We constantly improve, keep open minds and challenge norms to find better ways of doing things.

A career with us

Work with purpose and a great team to make change happen around the world.

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