top of page Awarded Innovate UK’s EC10 Grant to Introduce AI and Machine Learning to Lower the Cost of Energy for Users is proud to announce that it has been awarded Innovate UK’s Energy Catalyst 10 (EC10) grant. This grant will enable to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into its energy monitoring system, revolutionizing energy management and reducing costs for users.


Following its success in completing Innovate UK’s Energy Catalyst 8 earlier this year, has secured additional funding through the EC10 grant. This funding will support the implementation of advanced analytics and predictive alerts within’s platform, providing users with real-time insights into their energy consumption, with actionable steps to enhance sustainability and reduce costs.


CEO David Smith expressed his enthusiasm for the grant, stating,

"We're thrilled that has been awarded the Energy Catalyst 10 grant by Innovate UK. This not only validates the hard work and mission of our team but also underlines our commitment to combating climate change. It's a stepping stone towards our goal of delivering affordable, sustainable energy where it's most crucial. We're energized to continue making strides in this vital field, thanks to this incredible support."

In regions with inadequate grid infrastructure such as Nigeria, many individuals face high energy costs primarily driven by diesel generators.’s innovative platform provides users with visibility into energy system health, providing insights that empower them to make informed decisions to optimize energy systems across various geographical locations.


The next round of funding see’s return with Nigerian partner Aspire Power Solutions

to implement advanced algorithms at 20 active sites in Lagos, moving the solution into the next generation - iEMS. This intelligent AI-powered platform leverages data from various sources, including local weather forecasts and live regional diesel costs, to accurately calculate the actual cost of energy for users. Users can better financially plan and adapt their systems to best meet external environmental and financial changes in the market, to stay ahead and make informed business decisions.


In addition, will partner with Fuzzy Labs, a renowned UK-based software development firm specializing in AI and machine learning, to enhance its data processing capabilities. This collaboration will enable to deliver unparalleled value to customers by providing clear insights into energy generation and cost optimization.’s Product & Operations specialist Lynden Potter stated, “Partnering with Fuzzy Labs is really going to transform the type of data we’re able to process and interpret. Machine learning unlocks the true value for our customers – presenting them with a clear picture on how much energy they generate, and the actual costs incurred. We are fortunate to be able to work with our new partners and get closer to significantly lowering the energy costs for our users , to ensure they get the most out of their renewable power systems.”


With a strong foundation established in Nigeria already, this grant poises’s to expand its operations and contribute to the global goal of a brighter and more sustainable future.


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