top of page's new battery state-of-health algorithm represents fundamental shift for commercial and industrial energy users in Nigeria has unveiled a cutting-edge feature that is transforming the approach to battery replacement for commercial and industrial energy users in Nigeria. 

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Remaining capacity and lifespan of battery banks

Many site owners and facility managers expressed a lot of uncertainty surrounding battery life and capacity, often lacking the timely information to make financial forecasts and plans on when to replace battery banks. This new product feature from allows users to monitor the remaining capacity and lifespan of their operational battery banks, all from one centralised dashboard online. Regardless of a batteries manufacturer, make or model, this feature seamlessly integrates with any new or existing energy systems. 


This value-adding feature is particularly crucial for users managing multiple sites across Nigeria, where a reliance on diesel generators as backup has become a costly burden due to a consistent rise in oil prices over the past 2 years. Site owners have also invested heavily in battery storage systems and often find out too late whether the bank has sufficient capacity to serve their energy needs. 


Reduce  energy costs

Responding to these challenges, has carefully developed the algorithm to give users the crucial insights needed to mitigate additional energy costs that often go unseen. A quickly deteriorating state of health of a battery fleet can help identify issues within an energy system, allowing for corrective action to be taken, not only improving the life of the battery, but reducing the overall energy costs. 

"Launching this new State-of-Health feature will deliver a lot of value to our customers in Nigeria.  

In a statement,'s Product & Operations Lead Lynden Potter highlighted the significance of the new algorithm, stating, "Launching this new State-of-Health feature will deliver a lot of value to our customers in Nigeria. Site owners and facility managers have repeatedly expressed concerns about escalating diesel generation costs and a lack of visibility into the remaining life of their battery banks. With our system, we have already identified numerous sites with failing battery banks, and now we empower users to monitor battery performance over time, providing ample opportunity for proactive replacement planning. This not only enhances financial forecasting but also streamlines problem diagnosis across multiple sites."

Financially plan ahead for replacements

Coming at the right time of's expansion into the Nigerian market, this latest feature enables businesses to optimize their planning processes and efficiently manage site performance, all through the convenience of's centralized dashboard. As the industry ushers in a new era of intelligent energy solutions, is striving to stand at the forefront, reshaping the landscape for commercial and industrial energy users in Nigeria.


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