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The partnership will enable the roll out of pioneering UK industrial battery monitoring system into the African market.

UK tech firm,, has appointed Agilis Energy as its strategic partner for Zambia. The announcement of the partnership comes on the back of a substantial Innovate UK grant awarded to in November 2020 which has propelled the Battery Monitoring System ready for deployment in the African market.’s system uses state-of-the-art IoT technologies, data analytics and cloud-based software to constantly and remotely monitor battery health, replacing existing monthly or annual technician visits with a robust monitoring system which ensures any faults are detected 24/7.

Agilis Energy is a full-service renewable energy business operating out of Lusaka. They provide comprehensive SMART solar power solutions for both grid and off-grid installations. Their mission is strongly rooted in increasing access to affordable renewable energy and delivering innovation in solving Zambia’s grid problems, while also addressing customers core power needs.

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This partnership marks the beginning of wider adoption in the African market where renewable energy systems are growing at pace. With premature battery failure a key problem faced by many in the region and access to the grid still lagging, forming partnerships like these is pivotal in being able to develop out the market and work collaboratively with local stakeholders to understand the market and customer’s unique needs.

With Agilis offering a high quality service and having a wealth of experience in the renewable sector in Zambia, this partnership is the start of a prosperous journey between the two companies to find innovative solutions to energy access problems.

David Smith, founder said “It’s been a whirlwind of a year so far but we’re extremely proud of what we’ve been able to achieve on the development of our product. We now have Agilis Energy joining us for the Zambian market and this will really help us establish our technology in areas of Africa with poor grid connection. We look forward to seeing how this progresses on the ground and finding areas we can have an impact.”

CEO and Founder Joshua Muleya said, “It’s been great to begin working with the team. This partnership enables Agilis to move from merely selling solar hardware to helping address the operational challenges faced by customers running their power systems and also offering a way of lowering the cost of the solar system for the consumer.”


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