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We're Exhibiting at Nigeria Energy 2023!

It's all systems go at the HQ as we prep for our exhibition in Lagos on 19-21st September.

enee Nigeria Energy 2023 Stand Advert, Sept 19-21 2023 Stand 3.D20

We'll be showcasing our latest energy monitoring platform with new and improved product features, as well as the updated dashboard on our online reporting system Proteus.

It's a great privilege to be sharing the exhibition floor with so many other great companies in the African region, all supporting and facilitating the shift towards renewable power. Ade Yesufu, Exhibition Director, Nigeria Energy stated: "We're not just looking to establish short-term goals as the country's power sector needs long-term commitments and Nigeria Energy will play a key role in that." Find out more about Nigeria Energy 2023.

Nigeria is one of the world’s largest economies where businesses rely heavily on diesel-powered generators. According to Reuters, more than 70% of its firms own or share the units, while government data shows generators provide at least 14 gigawatts of power annually, dwarfing the 4 gigawatts supplied on average by the country’s electricity grid.

With so much power generated off-grid, solutions like's monitoring system for solar and back-up power can significantly aid in helping reduce the reliance on these generators, providing live data and alerts on site performance, while flagging any system inefficiencies which too often cause the generators to be excessively used.

At the exhibition, we'll also be displaying our latest feature: the new battery state of charge (SoC) algorithm. Many of enee's customers, who rely on diesel generators for their primary energy supply, often don't know the charge status of the battery bank, and will invariably under charge/under discharge their batteries if they are being cautious, or over discharge them in an effort to reduce generator run times.

By providing users with real-time charge readings, they can optimize battery utilization, preventing costly pitfalls. The journey to this seemingly simple feature encompasses the creation of DC energy monitors, data gateways, processing infrastructure, online administration, front-end dashboards, and exclusive algorithms. All of this will be on display at the Nigeria Energy Exihition in September!

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