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We're hiring - Mobile App Developer

We're recruiting for an experienced Mobile App Developer to join the product development team.

enee Mobile Developer Advert Image


Our mobile application, eApp, provides onsite technicians with realtime battery performance and historical usage data. By automatically connecting to battery monitors (eMB) and other IoT monitors using Bluetooth, eApp displays information to help technicians diagnose problems and complete maintenance more quickly and efficiently. The eApp can be used as a stand-alone tool or in conjunction with online systems. is looking for a motivated Mobile App Developer to join the team. It’s an exciting opportunity to get hands-on with porting our existing mobile app (Java/Android) to React Native for a better cross-platform (iOS/Android) experience for our growing customer base.

You will be joining at a pivotal point, helping shape the future of the business. The opportunity has great potential for upskilling across tech verticals for candidates eager to develop themselves. We hope for this candidate to grow into the Lead Mobile App Developer role.

This role has now been filled.


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