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Intelligence is the fitness tracker for energy systems. We help people and businesses in areas with inadequate grid thrive with reliable and affordable energy


The affordable way to gain energy intelligence and enjoy reliable power at the lowest cost



Optimize and monitor your energy system from the palm of your hand

Reduce costs by storing and using energy better

Improve reliability, helping secure continuous power

Live information provides efficiency insights

Early warnings help extend the life of your system

Easy set-up and a free smartphone app



Monitor your single or multi-site energy system to make savings and improve productivity

Enhance performance with wiser energy use

Compare data at one location or multiple sites

Know when to switch power sources or run generators

Pre-empt repairs and maintenance 

Manage 1 to 1000s of sites from one dashboard

Our intuitive technology helps you to store and use energy better with little effort or outlay

Supercharge your energy system

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The system that delivers more

How it works

Our wireless smart sensors provide comprehensive insights into the performance of your energy and battery systems, whether at a single site or across multiple locations globally. Being technology-agnostic, you can effortlessly collect energy data from any asset, irrespective of brand, age, make, or model. Then, analyse this data locally through our smartphone app or oversee your entire operation via Proteus online reporting.

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Hear from our customers

"Integrating's battery monitoring solution in our business has given us valuable data that assures the delivery of a better energy experience to our customers."

"Batteries are the singular most expensive items within solar systems and often prematurely fail with a short lifespan.'s monitoring solution enables us to to fully understand what's happening at the individual battery level, and provide our customers in Nigeria with invaluable insights into their energy usage and consumption, leading to overall lower energy costs in the long term.

We have been able to sell monitoring on top of our solar system sales and widen our offering in the market, helping to build more trust with our clients."

Mustapha Abokede,
Managing Director of Aspire Power Solutions 

It doesn’t have to be this way

Every day, 1 billion people suffer power outages greater than 3 hours

Continuous, reliable power is something many people take for granted. But 13% of the global population still has no electricity access, and a billion live with an unstable grid that drops out for hours each day. It’s unacceptable, and we’re on a mission to change it.

Solar panel array in a field in Africa
African woman working in energy management
Family at home using electricity for chores
Increase the reliability of your energy systems and start reducing costs

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