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Notable organisation 'Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI)' features

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We were thrilled to have been invited by the Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI) to feature in their December blog series. It was great to meet their team and discuss our recent Innovate UK grant funding, as well as some of the key developments in our product which will be ready for deployment come January.

Our sophisticated IoT technology enables intervention to prevent premature battery failure, which results in increased battery performance and a reduction in the lifetime cost of ownership, both of which are key objectives laid out in CBI’s Technical Roadmap.

Our Founder & CEO David Smith stated, “It was fantastic to be featured in such a respected organisation like CBI’s blog series, where we got to know the team and share what we have been up to at Premature battery failure is a common problem faced by many installers worldwide, mostly due to incorrect maintenance, and we’ve found a quick and affordable solution that ensures any issues can be flagged in real time and solved efficiently, saving users both time and money in replacement”.

As the world shifts towards a carbon neutral future and with renewables on the rise, it is vital that innovation continues to pour into the energy storage sector. Lead acid battery technology is central in ensuring new demands for renewable power are met, enhancing battery performance. The technology we are developing at provides a cost effective solution for prolonging battery life and increasing the efficiency of lead acid battery fleets, with the power to improve access to energy.

Our Co-founder & CPO Duncan Jones remarked, “We believe this development will have a significant impact on both the future of industrial battery management in the UK and the uptake of renewable power globally, particularly in developing economies.”

With 2021 around the corner, and our product ready for launch come February, features from organisations such as CBI has helped us gain the necessary exposure as we approach phase 2 of our journey, on the path to increase access to energy and make both users and installers of renewable power systems more profitable. Bring on 2021!

For the full CBI article click here.


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